Inspirefest 2017

Karen Church

Senior Manager, Product Analytics, Intercom

Karen is a data science leader who loves building great teams and using data to uncover insights, drive decision-making and inform product innovation. As senior manager of product analytics at Intercom, Karen leads a team of analysts, data engineers and data scientists who help Intercom design, develop and measure the success of its products.

Prior to Intercom, she spent almost 8 years in industrial research labs, conducting a range of qualitative and quantitative research aimed at understanding mobile user behaviour. Most recently, Karen worked at Yahoo Research, where she headed a team of scientists focused on native and mobile ad analytics. She was also a research scientist for Telefónica Research, Barcelona.

Karen holds a PhD in computer science from University College Dublin and a BSc in computer science from Institute of Technology Blanchardstown, where her research focused on understanding how people search and browse the web from their mobile devices. Karen has published almost 50 peer-reviewed research papers in top-tier conferences in human computer interaction, mobile computing, information retrieval and recommender systems. To date, her research has been cited more than 1,300 times.

Karen is a huge advocate for women in technology and believes in the power of strong female role models. She coached women studying computer science during her undergrad, mentored female PhD students during industrial research internships, and has even taken it upon herself to crowdsource lists of women in tech programmes and events for others to benefit from.