Inspirefest 2017

Yvonne Mburu

CEO and founder, Med In Africa

Yvonne Mburu is the CEO and founder of Med In Africa, a social enterprise with a mission to connect African scientists and health professionals with those in the diaspora. Of all of Africa’s wealth, the people are its greatest resource. In science and medicine, however, many of Africa’s professionals have emigrated overseas, contributing to scientific discoveries, innovative medicine and essential services in their new host countries.

By creating and supporting global knowledge communities, Med In Africa provides a platform for professionals looking for academic exchanges, skill transfers, mentorship and collaborative research opportunities with Africans anywhere in the world. Mburu’s vision is to connect the vast human capital in the African diaspora with the continent itself, to help with the enormous need for skills and resources.

Mburu is a career scientist and healthcare consultant with more than 10 years of experience in immunology and oncology. She began her academic career in Canada before moving to the US for her doctoral studies. She won the inaugural Lloyd J Old Memorial Award and a CRI Irvington Fellowship from the Cancer Research Institute to undertake her postdoctoral research at the Curie Institute in Paris, focusing on the immunotherapy of bladder cancer. Over her scientific career, she has explored the immune system and its dysfunction in diseases such as cancer.

Mburu is passionate about advancing scientific innovations, optimising healthcare using evidence-based approaches, and promoting medical and science education. At the core of her undertaking with Med In Africa is an unyielding belief that African expertise, when effectively harnessed, can and will solve the challenges faced by the continent.