Inspirefest 2017

Adrienne Gormley

Global head of customer experience, Dropbox

Adrienne Gormley is the global head of customer experience at Dropbox, and head of its Ireland office. At Dropbox, users are the number one priority and Gormley’s global team ensures that every interaction they have with the company is a great one. In addition to being this internal advocate for customers, her team is responsible for troubleshooting issues and ensuring that users fully maximise the versatility of their Dropbox accounts.

Gormley joined Dropbox from Google, where she headed international teams across a range of functions including sales, Google Maps and localisation. She also led Google Ireland’s women’s network.

Gormley continues to be deeply committed to diversity, and is an active member across diversity networks and organisations in Ireland. Her career has included extensive experience in leadership positions across operations, internationalisation and localisation.