Inspirefest 2017

Brianna Wu 

Co-founder/head of development, Giant Spacekat 

Brianna is a video game developer and a vocal commentator on issues related to women in gaming. She was famously forced to leave her home in 2014, due to online death threats directed to her and her husband over the GamerGate controversy.

At the age of 19, Wu formed a small studio to create an animated pilot. She later entered the world of politics in Washington DC, before working as an investigative reporter.

In 2010, Wu co-founded Giant Spacekat, a game development company working primarily on the iOS platform. Giant Spacekat demonstrated its first iOS game Revolution 60 at the Penny Arcade expo (PAX) in March 2013, where the game was dubbed one of the 10 best indie games of the conference.

You can watch her Inspirefest 2015 keynote here.