Inspirefest 2017

Keri Kukral

CEO & founder, Raw Science TV

Keri Kukral is the founder of Raw Science TV, with the mission to keep the logic and beauty of science – and its impact on humanity and our world – centre stage in the mainstream media. She won seed funds via an entrepreneurial pitch competition through Caltech and Idealab in 2013.

The Raw Science Film Festival is eligible for an Academy Awards qualifier in 2019 and includes annual awards in honour of Kip Thorne, Stephen Wolfram, Peter Samuelson and Janet-Ivey Duensing. The digital channel aims to combine cutting-edge science journalism with a video-on-demand movie platform to tell the most compelling stories of science and technology. The company created a video series in Taiwan on thorium nuclear reactor development more than 6 months ahead of an announcement between the US and China to develop such technology. The channel also released the first video of Elon Musk detailing specific plans to reach and colonise Mars. It was identified as a media company to watch by Forbes.

Kukral is a former professional ballet dancer and was awarded a full scholarship after being hand selected from the Arie Crown Theater stage by Ruth Page at 10 years old. She also works as an engineer in the medical device industry. The transition from the arts to engineering inspired her to create the Raw Science Foundation to promote STEAM education globally through access to energy, connectivity, and telemedicine, particularly for girls and women.