Inspirefest 2017

Maureen Taylor

CEO, SNP Communications

Maureen Taylor is the CEO of SNP Communications.

In 1992, she founded SNP with Renn Vara. Together, they built the company into an industry leader for content, coaching and creativity. Smart people have been flocking to SNP ever since.

Taylor developed an infatuation for Aristotle while teaching in the Communication Studies Department at San Francisco State University. The mandate to search the world for the good people and help them make their truths persuasive became the foundation of SNP. Now, she helps leaders, founders and innovators in all sectors around the world to face their biggest challenges. She cares deeply for her customers and devotes to them her rapt attention, unfailing candour and disarming humour.

A native San Franciscan, Taylor splits her time between the Golden City (“the home of the brave”), New York City (“the greatest city in the world”) and Dublin (“the land of her people”). Extremely passionate about her work, she also loves running, biking and laughing with her husband, daughter and son.