Nicole Owens 

Dublin Senior Ladies football player 

Nicole is a football player with the Dublin Senior Ladies team. She also works full-time in advertising.

During her college years, when Nicole was 19, she appeared to be functioning as normal, but was having dangerous and negative thoughts. She was diagnosed with depression after going through a very low period. After her diagnosis, she was prescribed medication to help her cope with her illness and took part in therapy.

In 2017, Nicole hit another low point after the breakdown of a relationship, a stressful job and training for football. She suffered panic attacks and had to take time off work and football. She began taking part in cognitive behavioural therapy and compassionate therapy to change her thought process. Now in a much better place, she does deep breathing exercises each day to help cope with her depression and anxiety.

Nicole is aware that depression is something she will always have to be vigilant about throughout her life, knowing that the symptoms could resurface at any point. This is why she is passionate about growing the conversation around mental illness to reduce the stigma and educate people on the signs and symptoms so proper support can be given to those who need it.