Noel Joyce 

Head of design, HAX

After a mountain biking accident left him paralysed and confined to a wheelchair, ending his career in the military, Noel Joyce went back to education to study design. Since then, he has co-founded and developed a number of his own start-ups.

At HAX, an international hardware accelerator, Noel has worked with hundreds of start-ups, helping them to develop meaningful products and experiences across multiple industries. Working in Shenzhen, China’s Silicon Valley, he has experience with start-ups from all over the world. 

Noel believes that disability can be an important element in how we think about problems, how we develop ideas and how the deployment of these ideas can affect all people, not just those of us with disabilities. His own experiences living life as able-bodied and subsequently disabled gives him a unique prism through which he views design as a problem-solving activity that will become more critical as the ability and age demographics of our world change.