Simone George

Human rights lawyer 

Simone George is a human rights lawyer and activist, a consultant commercial litigator, a paralysis cure hunter, and a TED2018 Speaker. Everything Simone does is based on her belief in fairness. As a lawyer, she represents women who are experiencing abuse, and is presently researching why those in our systems don’t adequately serve justice.

She co-authored the report The Lawlessness of the Home with an Irish NGO, finding that we are all responsible for women and children’s right to bodily integrity and liberty. She also co-created a summit in 2016 to cultivate the leadership required to arm us for this responsibility, gathering the world’s foremost thinkers and activists together in Dublin. This work led to significant amendments to legislation and will contribute to a new landscape of social and political justice in Ireland.

In 2010, Simone’s fiancée – blind adventure athlete Mark Pollock – broke his back, and together the two learned how paralysis strikes at the very heart of what it means to be human. Simone’s research, which began by Pollock’s hospital bed, became the start of their next adventure: to find and connect people around the world to fast-track a cure for paralysis. Simone has been a catalyst for a global collaboration between groundbreaking scientists and is the subject of feature documentary called Unbreakable.

She is a director on the board of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, a master’s graduate from the College of Europe, holds a diploma from Harvard and is a double-graduate of NUI Galway.