Inspirefest 2017

Susan O’Brien

Founder, Smigin

Susan O’Brien is the founder of Smigin, a language learning company with a unique focus on conversation skills. Having lived and worked in eight countries, O’Brien realised that there was nothing on the market that helped users with simple, everyday conversation as most products focused heavily on grammar and structure. NYC-based Smigin offers users a suite of products: an iOS/Android app for travellers and a browser-based, language-learning product available in multiple languages. Smigin has users in more than 175 countries.

With 15 years of sales and marketing experience in more than 30 countries globally, O’Brien has an innate knowledge of global sales strategies. She has held executive positions in both public and private companies in the USA and Europe. Her knowledge of the technology start-up world, of what it takes to build a company from scratch, and her ability to tell that story has seen her work published in the US and Ireland, and she recently became a contributing writer for The Huffington Post.

O’Brien is a graduate of University College Cork, earning a BA in foreign languages. She is co-chair of the Irish International Business Network, NYC and executive director of LEAP (Leadership and Executive Acceleration Program for Irish and Irish American young women).