Tammuz Dubnov

Founder and CEO, Zuzor

Tammuz Dubnov attended UC Berkeley where he studied theoretical mathematics, computer science and dance. He graduated at the age of 18 and spent the next two years working as a dance performer. By the age of 20, Tammuz had combined his technical expertise with his passion for live entertainment to create Zuzor, an experiential technology company. Zuzor empowers AV professionals, designers and creatives to bring interactive, motion-generated content to a range of industries.

Tammuz is considered to be one of the youngest thought leaders in the field, having spoken at events in Mexico, France, China, Japan and the US. Born and raised in Israel, he is passionate about contributing to his local Israeli and Jewish community, and serves as a mentor to high-school programmes. On the side, he is actively pursuing his master’s degree in artificial intelligence at UC San Diego to prepare for the future where engagement and AI work hand in hand to create a more significant impact.

Tammuz will be discussing the impact and importance of creativity for our modern technologists and entrepreneurs. To exemplify the power of technology on stage, he will be performing an aerial dance duet for the audience.