Inspirefest 2017

Tarah Wheeler

Website security czar, Symantec

Tarah Wheeler is website security czar at Symantec. She is co-founder and CEO of Fizzmint, an end-to-end employee management company, and the lead author of the 2016 book Women In Tech. She has led projects at Microsoft Game Studios (Halo and Lips), architected systems at Silent Circle and holds two agile development certifications through the Scrum Alliance. She founded Red Queen Technologies (web development), InfoSec Unlocked (an initiative to increase diversity among infosec conference speakers), the Women In Tech Council (to increase women’s participation in tech conference speaking) and Hack The People Foundation (a non-profit mentorship initiative focused on underprivileged people in technology). She acquired her start-up funds by cleaning out poker rooms in the north-west and Las Vegas. Reach her at @tarah.