Yuka Nagashima

Global advisory board member, Astia

Yuka Nagashima is a global advisory board member and the former president of Astia, a global organisation committed to levelling the playing field for women entrepreneurs.

Yuka started her career as an educator, unsatisfied with the small number of girls who took her honours physics class. She developed STEM curricula based on experiential learning and teamwork, aiming to achieve more inclusion.

Recognising the power of the internet, she co-founded two tech start-ups, and directed innovation policy and operated incubation centres for the Hawaii state government. Yuka has also represented the tech and entrepreneurial communities and interests at the State Science and Technology Institute conferences, National Academy of Sciences, Nanotechnology Regional Leadership Summit at the White House, the National Governors Association and more.

Recognised as a leader on diversity and inclusion in technology and entrepreneurship, Yuka actively engages the community through her public speaking and consulting work. Her career path may be atypical but is consistent with her values to build capacity in others and fight for the underdog. She holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Reed College and currently resides in Silicon Valley.

Photo by PBN