Zoe Philpott

Storyteller, tech entrepreneur and creator of Ada.Ada.Ada.

Zoe Philpott is an award-winning storyteller, tech entrepreneur and the creator of Ada.Ada.Ada.

Her work is at the intersection of art and STEM. Ada.Ada.Ada uses a 4,400-strong LED dress to tell the story of Ada Lovelace. The show, together with talks and workshops, is successfully travelling throughout Europe and beyond, ensuring Ada Lovelace is recognised as a trailblazing role model in an industry that has long suffered from a gender imbalance.

Zoe has led and collaborated with others on many creative and inspirational projects successfully linking storytelling and theatrical performance with technologies.

This year, Zoe returns to Inspirefest to collaborate in the development of her latest interactive story: Ada’s Army. With a bag of postage labels, a chair and 500 metres of string, Zoe will be inviting Inspirefest attendees to update history with the overlooked STEM greats who just happen to be women.

In 1999, with a degree in theatre studies and a passion for tech, Zoe co-founded a webcasting company. After successfully exiting in 2001, she became head of production for Immersive Education, producing virtual theatre using gaming technology for schools. In 2005, Zoe and her husband Adrian founded Philpott, a creative agency that works with museums, universities, government bodies, arts organisations and businesses to help them engage people imaginatively with their brand and educational stories. She is currently working with the Society of Chief Librarians, Open Data Institute, Tech Nation, OCM and ASML.

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